To ask a question, visit a skills class, or request an application form, please complete the blanks on this web page and click "SUBMIT."  You should receive a response within a couple of days.

Application Form

To download an application form, please click the blue link below:

GILD Application file (PDF)

Application Process

There are four steps to apply for GILD membership:

  1. Written application (see above). Application and $10 fee must be accompanied by documentation that describes applicant's specific learning disability (e.g.: copy of most recent psychological or learning specialist report). An interview may also be required.

  2. Temporary membership status. For a period of six months, an applicant will be a temporary member. During this time, he/she must attend at least 5 GILD events including skills classes, planning meetings, and social activities. The applicant must record these events on the Activities Form (final page of the application form) and send them to the Membership Committee afterward.

  3. Membership decision. After receiving the completed Activities Form, the Membership Committee will confer with a GILD professional to determine whether the applicant is approved for full membership.

  4. Pay dues. Membership and eligibility to attend GILD activities are contingent upon payment of dues each year. Dues are $50, payable upon acceptance into GILD.

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