Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does GILD accept applicants with emotional disorders?          A:  GILD cannot accept individuals with serious emotional disorders.  To be eligible for membership, an applicant must have the ability to function within our group setting without significant emotional or behavioral problems.  (Determination to be made by the GILD professional staff.)

Q:  Can an applicant become a full member without completing the Temporary Membership period first?          A:  No.  The Temporary Membership period is required for all applicants.  It is advantageous for both the applicant and the other GILD members, as it provides some level of assurance that the applicant should "fit" into the group comfortably and successfully.  

Q:  Does GILD provide job counseling or assistance finding employment?           A:  No.  GILD's mission is primarily social.  There are numerous agencies in the Baltimore area which assist developmentally disabled clients with job searches or coaching, but that is not GILD's purpose.  However, GILD parents do help each other by relating their own experiences -- good or bad -- with specific agencies.  Moreover, our Life Skills classes sometimes cover topics related to employment such as resume writing, self-advocacy, or dealing with bullying or harassment in the workplace.

Q:  Does GILD provide housing or help members find housing?            A:  No.  As with employment assistance, there are other agencies whose mission includes housing.  GILD's focus is primarily social.