Skill Development

GILD provides classes taught by experienced professionals.  Life Skills instruction includes budgeting, comparative shopping, using public transportation, workplace relationships, and other important topics.  Social Skills classes teach conflict resolution, handling emotions, problem solving, forming healthy relationships, and social skills on the job.  Classes meet two evenings a month, September through June, at convenient locations in the north Baltimore area.

Social Activities

Through social activities, GILD members reinforce skills as they build friendships and have fun together.  They meet once a month to plan upcoming weekend outings.  


Members assist each other with issues like restaurant reservations or calculating tips.  With events such as dinners, movies, restaurants, bowling, shopping, swim parties, mini-golf, and day trips, GILD members have an active and enjoyable social life!

Parent & Family Support

GILD holds occasional joint meetings where families can network with each other.  Guest speakers discuss issues of common interest and describe agencies and programs where members and families can turn for help.  Parents and members are also invited to the annual winter party, July picnic, and August swim party.